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Appropriate use

The prescription of a drug is appropriate when the benefit it is able to provide to a specific patient outweigh the risks associated with its use. A careful evaluation of individual risk factors is therefore of crucial importance.


In practice, a prescription can be considered appropriate when it is in accordance with the approved indications of a drug in terms of demonstrated efficacy, dosage, and treatment duration.


As for other NSAIDs the use of nimesulide is recommended for the shortest duration necessary to control symptoms in patients with acute pain or primary dysmenorrhoea.


The maximum duration and dose of a treatment course with nimesulide is 15 days, 100 mg twice a day, to minimize the risk of hepatotoxicity.


Nimesulide should only be prescribed as second line treatment. The decision to prescribe nimesulide should be based on assessment of the individual patient’s overall risks.


HELSINN Last Update: 22.02.2013
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